When is Being a Poser a Good Thing?

So, I started taking yoga classes a couple of weeks ago.  The creaking and cramping going on in my body seemed a good indication that life wasn't going to get better if I didn't take some steps to slow the physical downslide.

The problem, however,  was what to do as many of the activities I had been doing to try and stay heart and weight fit, actually seemed to be contributing to the problem.  My feet and hips were sore from walking, my calves tight. Life in front of a computer too had resulted in a weak back as well as shoulder and arm problems that made motion difficult.

Ultimately I decided that yoga, with its strengthening and stretching, plus focus and concentration, would be the right choice. Also, I thought with its cool Eastern vibe it would be a good fit for the old hippie in me.

I love it. The class is compromised of, and led by, women of a certain age  — mine. It's a small group so there are fewer people to feel intimidated by.  So far, while I have been challenged by some of the poses, I haven't had to transform my body into a pretzel.

And the best part yet?  The positive effects have been almost immediate. There is of course a long way to go, but my flexibility and strength have noticeably improved. I feel calmer, more grounded and am sleeping a bit better.

So in celebration of the beneficial turn I've taken, and to inspire me to stay on course, here are some great photos of people practising yoga:

iPHOTOS.com Yoga Photos

Acclaim Images Yoga Photos

iCLIPART.com Yoga Photos


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