Collections of Devilish Images for Devil's Night

Tomorrow night the wee ones will pour forth onto the streets visiting door-to-door for treats.  Tonight the older children often have a difference approach as mischief prevails for Devil's Night.

Devil's Night dates to the 1940s when kids in urban areas burned off some energy in acts of vandalism. Generally they were fairly harmless with little or no damage to property.  Typical 'projects' included waxing windows, toilet papering the landscape and smashing the odd pumpkin.

Unfortunately as things catch on there always seems to be a few rotten eggs who carry it too far. By the early 1970s mischief had taken on a more serious tone with destructive acts such as arson.

While giving name to even the darkest of deeds or doers tends to romanticize them, with nothing but evil behind the intent of Devil's Night it is fitting that it honours the personification of all things fiendish.

Today, however, in the spirit of fun rather than destruction we will give the devil his due for this occasion with these devilish collections of clipart: Devilish Clipart

Acclaim Images Devil Clipart Devil Illustrations

TOONClipart Devil Cartoons

ClipartGuide Devil Images

ClickArt Online Devil Images


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