Enjoy Some TGIF Nightlife

Five days of work shall soon be behind us yet again. Tonight is the time to shrug off the stress of our professional life and think ahead to personal pleasure.
I remember when Friday night kicked off two days of parties and socializing for me.  After work, friends would rendezvous at a bar, pub or home, a meeting that had been arranged days before. The work week was behind us and two days, full of the likelihood of more fun and games, loomed ahead.

With rare exception those days are behind me, now.  I can still kick up heels when I need to. I love loud music and being out on the town with friends from time to time.  But, generally, TGIF  means a night curled up on the sofa with a lovely glass of wine enjoying quiet conversation with my hubby.  Time has made me wiser and I appreciate the calm ease into the weekend. The slow start means there's a little energy left for the other two days.

But I often think back to those fun Fridays. At my age though I know it's best to visit them vicariously through these collections of photos:

iPHOTOS.com Nightlife Photos

iCLIPART.com Photograph of Nightlife

Acclaim Images Nightlife Photography


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