Illustrations of People and Computers

I like to think of myself as a fairly calm person. My fuse is of adequate length, my temperament
fairly even.  I can generally ride along on the wave that's carrying me without much upset or distress. When the current gets moving a little too swiftly or starts rocking the boat I can usually find a way to calm things down.

All of this, however, is on one condition — the environment I'm sailing through must be tidy. If  you want to send me into a tailspin just clutter up my world and I will be tossing about in chaos.  Nothing will set me on edge more than a desk full of papers or countertop loaded with unstacked dishes. Clothes on the floor, coats hanging on chairs, newspaper on the coffee table will most assuredly turn things ugly.

My need for all things neat and tidy extends even to my computer screen.  Nothing stays on the desktop longer than necessary, being quickly filed as soon as easy access is no longer required.  I need no special day to let me know it's time to organize things.

But others apparently do. Yesterday was National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.  In keeping with that we offer a collection of illustrations of people who may, or may not, be on top of that job: People at Computers Illustrations Computers and People Clipart

Acclaim Images People at Computers


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