Pretty Illustrations of Autumn Vignettes

As a person who loves the heat and cheerful brightness of summer,  autumn's beauty is somewhat lost on me. Certainly, it's difficult to not appreciate the colours and new crispness to the air, but it's not difficult to remember it's all a prelude to winter, when there will be nothing but cold and snow.

For this reason when it comes to decorating for the fall season, I quite simply don't bother. As summer blooms freeze and fade, so typically does any desire to create collages of colour on my porch and patio.

However, this year has been strangely different. Usually, I don't notice or care particularly about the artful displays that enhance the landscaping of homes and properties, Now, though, driving the countryside and walking the neighbourhood I have been taking notice of folks' decorating efforts and liking them. So much so that I have sensed the wheels spinning as my creative side struggles to kick through my seasonal doldrums. Then this past weekend, as we left my sister's home, I looked at the vignette she had created on her front porch and stated that I needed to do something too.

With thoughts now of bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and mums in my brain I have been scrambling to gather items in time to put something decorative and welcoming together before this weekend's Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

It also has made me wonder if I might find appropriate images on clipart sites that would inspire, not just a decorative design but other seasonal projects, both printed and online.  Here is one collection I put together from illustrations on

Autumn Vignettes


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