The Grim Reaper is Calling

The fun thing about Halloween is of course dressing up. There's something liberating about hiding behind a costume, taking on a new persona, whether macabre, silly or famous.

I attended a party this past weekend and besides the fun of being in costume, it was also entertaining to see all the terrific ones that others had come up with.  If you can suspend reality for a bit, there's something surreal about watching Marilyn Monroe cavorting simultaneously with zombies and Wonder Woman. On the dance floor creepy ghouls, evil witches and unearthly vampires present a contrast in moods as they blithely trip the light fantastic — a happy crush of the otherworldly and out of this world.

From this cast of creepy characters, however, there is one with the potential to raise a blip of unease. He's not particularly ghastly or grisly; reaction comes more from the reality of what he represents. Unlike mummies, zombies, ghosts, etc., from which in the real world we have nothing to fear, the Grim Reaper personifies what we know is waiting for us all. Caped and mysterious, he is death — a dark and sinister presence amid the fun.  Perfect really for today's Halloween collection of illustrations. Grim Reaper Illustrations

ClipartGuide Grim Reaper Illustrations Grim Reaper Illustrations

ClickArt Online Grim Reaper Illustrations


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