Who Doesn't Love Birthdays?

The final quarter of the year is a celebratory time around our household. Besides thinking ahead to Christmas, which by the way is just 10 Saturdays away, we also have umpteen birthdays to recognize. 

I've said it before, (and I'll say it many times more) I love birthdays. If it wasn't for our 'birth' day we wouldn't be here, so if that's not a reason to celebrate in a big way, I can't think what is.

Of course, as we get older, we tend to make less of a deal about them. How many times I've heard people say, "It's just another day." And as our kids grow up and move away from home finding a way to honour our babies can be challenging.

For a mom who used to throw two parties for her kids — one for friends and one for family — that has been a tough reality. But, as I suspect it means more to me than to them now, I do what I can to make me happy. It begins with the early morning telephone serenade of "Happy Birthday" and concludes hopefully with a visit squeezed in that day or with the promise/threat of one  sometime in the near future.

Ultimately I believe, whether there are many behind you, or plenty ahead of you, birthdays should be celebrated. Each and every year that we are here is a gift and a blessing to enjoy and cherish. So, today blow out the candles  and make a wish for birthday celebrants of all ages with these great photo collections:

iPHOTOS.com Birthday Cake Photos

iCLIPART.com Birthday Cake Photos

Acclaim Images Birthday Cake Photos


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