Add a Splash of Colour to Your Black and White Photos

Not to date myself or anything, but I grew up in a black and white world. As a wide-eyed, nine-year-old I developed my first crush after seeing The Beatles on a good old black-and-white TV.  Likewise, our old Brownie camera drained our technicolor world for posterity.

Then, colour was introduced. Television  presented life as we saw it. (Beatle Paul got even cuter) Photography captured images as they were intended to look.  And, of course, everyone turned their back on the monochromatic view

However, we are an easily bored society, and ultimately what is  passé always has its day again. The same can be said about black and white photography.  Once boring, it's now a popular option as it offers a different way of looking at things. Black and white makes a statement, adding interest and drama to your pictures.

Also, though, thanks to image editing software, we aren't limited to one or the other.  Besides being an interesting effect, an infusion of colour into a black and white photo can highlight a point of interest. It's a relatively simple technique that can be done a few different ways. Here are some examples: Highlight What Matters With a Splash of Colour

Digital Photography School Colour Effect in 5 Easy Steps

wikiHow Turn an Image Black and White Except for One Colour

photodoto Black and White With a Splash of Colour


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