Cartoons to Put the Cheer in a Winter Day

This morning The Weather Network alerted us to the first snowsquall warning of the winter for our area.  Already a fresh blanket of snow lay clean and pure over the landscape and little bursts of fluffy flakes fought for dominance over spells of sparkling sunshine.

All in all, it was a prime example of taking the bad with the good when it comes to winter.  When you're tucked away all cosy in your den, wrapped in a plush afghan, hot cocoa in one hand, thrilling novel in another, there's probably not a prettier site than winter through a window. It can be quite romantic, really.

But when you're travelling or have loved ones on the road, it can prove a worrisome condition at best.

So it was with mixed feelings that I greeted this morning's snowfall. I appreciate, how very fortunate I am to live in an area where we are treated to four  distinct seasons and winter is one of the most beautiful.  But I dread the driving and suffer the shovelling.  I shiver and shake, throb and ache from the cold and damp. 

Yet one must focus on the positive, even when winter makes me feel most miserable. Which is why I opted to share this collection of illustrations today.  These cute cartoons are sure to put the cheer into a chilly winter day:

TOONClipart Winter Cartoons


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