Change or Remove an Image Background

Finding, selecting and using images in your projects is much easier than it used to be. Take it from one who knows.

Not all that many years ago, while working as  editor of a community newspaper,  when a graphic element was required to dress up editorial content or design an ad, I ran to the good old cut-and-paste book then leafed through page after page, image after image to find just the right one.  The result was that many times I settled for an okay illustration because deadline was looming.

A digital catalogue of the images eventually went online a few years before my departure, enough time for me to know what a difference it made — in time and in creativity.

Today there are many sites providing affordable, convenient images to use in commercial projects — safely. Understanding and reading the terms of use for each guarantees that you are using the images legally. Just as any online purchase, it's one-stop shopping without leaving the comfort of your home.

However, while the range of images is incredible, there are times when the terms state a little alteration is necessary, even though you love the illustration you have. For example, some sites, such as ask that the images be edited for commercial purposes. Changing or removing a background will help to meet that requirement while leaving the primary subject as is. You can learn how and see some examples by checking out these sites:

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tipsquirrel Changing the Photo Background

Media Militia Removing a White Background Mastering Photoshop's Background Eraser Tool

wikiHow Change the Background Colour in Illustrator

Digital Trends Two Foolproof Ways to Remove a Background


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