Computer Frustration

Computers are a wonderful thing — until they aren't. When everything is working fine, the world they have opened up for us is beyond belief, the possibilities equally so. 

Having a face-to-face chat with grandchildren on the other side of the globe, shopping for virtually anything without leaving home,  researching family history from the comfort of our chair, conducting international business... the list is endless.

Unlike my patience, when for one reason or another the technology at my fingertips turns rebel and refuses to follow my commands. This week I've been experiencing a number of glitches with my computer — not serious, but glitches nonetheless — from email access to strange messages.  When one thing appears to be resolved another pops up on its heels.

Now, I am a fairly structured person. When I have a routine I appreciate being able to follow through. When a task is planned I like to be able to get on it and complete it.

It's not that I can't go with the flow. It's just that as a Libra I tend to prefer order and control.  And, as we all know,   computer technology allows for none of that. Admittedly then my patience does tend to wear thin in times such as these.

Yet, I know that I'm not alone. A search on image sites proves it's a fairly common condition as typified by these collections of illustrations and photos: Computer Frustration Illustrations Computer Frustration


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