Delightful Christmas Tree Illustrations

I shouldn't be panicking. I know there are many others who don't understand why I'm getting myself flustered. There's still plenty of time to complete all the things that need to be done, but I'm a person never content with knowing I must do. I settle down only when the do is done.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I need to spend evenings and weekends in pursuit of completing all things Christmas. There are tags to make, far too many gifts for wrapping. I must bake, and bake some more. Then let's not forget the housecleaning and organizing.

And while I do have all the decorations up, the tree has still not made it to its rightful place in front of the window.  Typically a task done by the end of November, I'm feeling the crunch of my personal deadline as I look at the busyness of the rest of this week and find myself wondering when, when, when will I find the time.

Calm down, you say. Again, there are those who will argue I have no need to rush. However as someone who enjoys the prelude to Christmas far more than the afterglow, my tree and decorations are back in the box before the new year. Thus it's important to me to have several weeks to enjoy it. As snow floats gently outside the window, there's nothing more warming to the indoors than the soft glow of Christmas tree lights. I'm eager to wrap myself up in a blanket and curl up, cocoa in hand, beside them.

In the meantime I'll just have to look at these delightful illustrations: Christmas Tree Illustrations

Acclaim Images Christmas Tree Clipart

ClickArt Online Christmas Tree Illustrations

ClipartGuide Christmas Tree Illustrations Christmas Tree Clipart


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