Great Ideas for Christmas Photo Cards

The lights, the garlands, the joy and general goodwill make this season one of the greatest blessings of the year.

But while my love for Christmas borders on the fanatical, I can't honestly say that I love everything about the holiday.  When it comes to sending and receiving cards I am a complete Scrooge.  Preparing them for mailing I sit with doleful demeanour firing off a hasty greeting above the signature.  And the ones sent my way are,  with little guilt, given a perfunctory glance before I file them.

Perhaps I should back this up a bit though. While this was never one of my favourite Christmas tasks, I wasn't always so Bah Humbug about it. When my kids were little,  the cards were a family project with each and every person signing their name. Besides quality time together for us, it was a personal touch that friends and relatives seemed to like.

Something else I've noticed is that Christmas family photos are also appreciated. It's fun to see how children and families have grown.  But I often wonder what to do with all the ones I received over the years. Was I expected to keep them, to add them to my massive collection of photographs?

Well, once again today's technology created a solution. Begrudging the time spent signing cards and the money given to Canada Post for mailing them,  not wanting to send a photo that people feel obliged to hang on to,  yet wanting to involve myself in all aspects of the holiday season,  I decided last year to send an e-card. The money saved on stamps was then given to a local charity.

Brilliant, yes? No writer's cramp, no icky licking, no hoarding, no waste. The only thing needed is an adorable photo. Hopefully, inspiration can be found here:

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