Ideas for Taking Winter Family Portraits

Spring, summer and autumn are wonderful backdrops for outdoor family photos. The first offers a sense of freshness with all the vitality of a world in bloom. 

Summer is alive with foliage and space, providing opportunities galore for location, location, location — from sunny beaches and waterfalls, to woods and farmers' fields.  Autumn is riotous colour in the canopy above and the carpet below.

We shouldn't overlook winter, however. For fun, playfulness and the best backdrop for matching fashion tones in your family pictures, there's nothing like a day in the snow. 

It doesn't come without its challenges, of course.  Places you can get to without wading through a foot of fluffy flakes limits might be limited.  Keeping everyone warm and dry could also pose a problem.  Finding the right kind of clothing so shivering is kept to a minimum without being swaddled so well that everyone is unrecognizable can certainly be an issue. Also, you'll need to consider the ages in your group as the elements could be more than an elderly person or tiny tot can handle.

But if none of these make your nervous, if you're game for something different,  below are some informative links to help you get the job done efficiently. After all, the sooner you're back indoors for that hot chocolate, the better.

eHow Taking Family Portraits in the Snow

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eHow Ideas for Family Portraits in Winter

McPactions Get Amazing Portraits in the Snow

Chris Watkins Winter Portraits


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