Let it Snow. For Now.

Mother Nature decided to paint as pure and crisp a landscape as possible this past weekend.  From Friday night to Sunday night a mantle of snowy white fell across our area. Evenings we sat snuggled up in the warmth of our homes, while outside we saw snowflakes twinkle as they danced below the streetlights.

In the mornings folks dragged out shovels and blowers, pulled on snowsuits and mittens to work and play amid the fluffy blanket.

The first substantial snowfall of the winter can bring out the kid in most of us — even ones such as myself, who'd rather it was summer year round. Bundled up and heading outdoors we breathe in the exhilarating freshness. Our footprints and snow angels break the smooth, sparkling cover as we walk and cavort through it.

Yes, it can get tired pretty swiftly. By February, it will take a miracle for me to find any redeeming qualities in winter.  But Sunday, listening to my tiny granddaughter chatter merrily as we trundled slowly along the path Papa had cleared for us, sensing her enjoyment and wonder at this change that came overnight and unexpectedly to her world helped remind me how perfect everything is — even winter—  if you look at it from a child's viewpoint.

These photos show winter and all the fun stuff that goes with it:

iPHOTOS.com Winter Photos With People


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