Photos of Smiling Children to Brighten Your November

The Weather Network is threatening rain for the next few days. Trees are bare, flowerbeds bedraggled and the world around us, in general, is just a tad dreary.  Must be November.

If we're to be honest it's a month that doesn't have a lot going for it. All the autumn beauty is behind us and Christmas with its lights, bells and bows is still a bit away.  Instead we have lawns to rake, early darkness and chill winds. 

Amidst it all, however, there are always things to perk us up. Some are surprises, such as a bright cheery day sandwiched in the middle of a rainy, grey week.  Others we  see regularly, such as the one I saw this morning. 

Walking along to work, feeling all of the effects of November on my spirits,  I came upon two small children waiting for the school bus. They too seemed little enthused for the day ahead, until I greeted them. With their response came smiles that brightened my day and the world around me. I could feel my shoulders lift and my steps quicken.  I doubt they realized how much change they affected with that simple dimpled gesture.

A smile from anyone has the ability to turn things around, even for a little bit.  Your smile doesn't just make others feel happy,  it can improve your mood as well.  Smiling doesn't just feel good, it also has the ability to de-stresses us. And let's face it, everyone looks better with a smile on their face.

When a child smiles, however, there is magic behind. It is the smile of innocence and wonder. It is pure and unaffected, genuine and unforced.  It is also hopelessly contagious. Try not to smile back when a little one grins your way.

So to spread a little sunshine our direction on a somewhat dismal autumn day, enjoy these beautiful photo collections of smiling tots: Photos of Smiling Children Smiling Children

Acclaim Images Photos of Smiling Children


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