Photoshop Tutorials for Your Christmas Projects

It might be weeks away yet, but at my house it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Compared to some people, I suppose my holiday decor isn't too over the top. However, as I like to put a little bit of seasonal cheer in most every room it does take some time. Thus, the goal this week is to chip away at the task a little each night  after work. Starting last night.

I've had many people say this is too early to be decorating and years ago I would have agreed. I typically started my Christmas projects around the end of November and was usually one of the first to do so. Then several years ago, I noticed more and more people getting a jump on the season, so I moved my timeline forward  a bit too. Then a few years ago I noticed more and more people getting a jump on the season so I moved my timeline forward a bit more.

Not that that's been a problem. I enjoy having the work done before the crazy busy of the holidays begin. While others rush around in the final weeks leading up to Christmas, I sit, wineglass in hand, snuggled cozily amidst twinkling lights and  flickering candles, listening to Bing and Bowie, watching Allen and Chase, my head filled with warm thoughts of this amazing time of peace and goodwill.

No matter what the project for Christmas, I'm a true believer in the benefits of wrapping it up as soon as possible. Even in the world of images. So for those of like mind, here are some great Christmas Photoshop tutorials to get you in the spirit.

Smashing Magazine 60 Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

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