A Favourite Christmas Knickknack

My Christmas shopping has been done for a while now, but it doesn't keep me from looking.

Last weekend we were visiting our daughter who lives across the road from the Dutch Mill Country Market, a wonderful place replete with gift ideas and items.

It also serves food, so after enjoying a delicious breakfast together, I had the chance to wander with my wee granddaughter while Grandpa paid the bill.  Browsing we discovered many lovely things, but it was a display of snow globes that really caught our eye.

You're never too old for snow globes. A delight for children, quality examples of these knickknacks are also popular with collectors. The charming scene and gently falling snow can be quite fascinating to look and play with, especially when it does double duty as a music box.

While you won't be able to hear any tunes from this collection it certainly does offer a variety of charming globes for your viewing pleasure:

iCLIPART.com Snow Globes

ClickArt Online Snow Globes

ClipartGuide Snow Globes


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