Christmas Baubles, Bells and Balls

Holiday decor is a true reflection of personal style. For some it's formal and Victorian, for others country kitsch, and for others it's keepsakes and homemade treasures. The centrepieces of it all of course is the Christmas tree adorned with lights, garlands and baubles.

Way back in the 1970s my husband and I were part of a yearly sojourn to Frankenmuth, MI each June with a group of friends. Young and with all the carefree irresponsibility that goes along with it, our sole purpose was to attend the annual Beer Festival.

But a visit to this charming Bavarian town would not have been complete without a trip to Bronner's Christmas wonderland.  At that time a decision was made by my guy and me to purchase a tree ornament with our names, and also to get one for the current year.  This tradition continued through the years and as our young family grew other names were added too.

Fast forward to the early 1990s, a family gathered around a tree on Christmas morning, a tree that for some reason seemed a little wobbly that year. Our eldest in the role of Santa was reaching beneath to dig out presents when over it went. Only one 'family' ornament was saved. The one that included my husband's and my names with the day we were married sailed through the air straight into our daughter's waiting hands.

Though rather sad, we have since then rebuilt the collection, including happy snowmen bearing the names of our family members. These are courtesy of that sure-handed daughter who felt a few years ago that it was time to bring us all back to the tree.

We have also ensured a solid foundation when the tree is put in its place every year.

And discovered some collection of baubles, bells and balls that are guaranteed unbreakable which you can see here: Christmas Ornaments

Acclaim Images Christmas Ornaments

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