Illustrations for the Insomniac

I don't sleep. Well, not enough. It's sadly not a new condition, has been evident at least as long as I've been a mother, which has been a significant length of time.

Anyone who suffers from insomnia knows it's a frustrating condition. It's characterized by an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep or sleep long enough. Lucky me, I suffer from each of these at varying times.

Just when it seems I've mastered falling asleep with ease, I start rousing mid-sleep and toss and turn for hours. Knowing the morning comes at a set time adds to the frustration thereby making rest even more elusive.  Then there's the early waking, which I'm experiencing this week. The eyes are popping open a good hour before the alarm, and I, while exhausted can't seem to drift off for the extra snooze.

The variety makes it rather difficult to find solutions.  Following an evening ritual or reading before bed can help — then nights later, can't. A spritz of melatonin, an herbal tea or warm milk have been known to break a cycle of wakefulness, as have a massage and sauna. For a bit.  Exercise, yoga and deep breathing have all given me hope, which sadly soon fades away.  I have utilized a sleep mask and earplugs when the problem seems to be staying asleep, but alas, this too comes with no guarantee. Though I do look adorable.

This week has been a particularly rough one. When I mentioned to a colleague that I'm so tired I was having problems focussing on a blog topic she suggested counting sheep. Illustrations that is. Here then are some adorable collections of the long-touted insomniac's friend: Sheep Illustrations

Acclaim Images Sheep

ClipartGuide Sheep Illustrations

ClickArt Online Sheep Illustrations


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