Create a Snowman in Photoshop

It's beginning to look a lot like.. well, spring.  After a day of warmer temperatures and rain yesterday, we awoke this morning to balmy temperatures and a world washed green. So it is this time of year in beautiful south-western Ontario, when the only type of weather we are promised is variable.

All of those wishing for a white Christmas should take heart, however. Tomorrow's forecast is for seasonal temperatures once again and while the closest forecast shows no hint of snow, there's little doubt in my mind that fluffy white blanket will soon cover our landscape.  Which is a good thing. Even I have to admit, it's the way the world should look this time of year.

And let's face it, whether you like it or not, snow can be a lot of fun. I am personally hoping for just enough of the good-packing kind so that we can have a snowman on the lawn to greet our granddaughter on Christmas Day.  Or maybe, if we don't get it done before, building one as a family would be a great way to wear off that turkey dinner.

If, however, you prefer not facing the elements when making a snowman, there are some nice tutorials for creating one in Photoshop. Here's a sampling:

10Steps Draw Your Snowman in Photoshop Make a Photoshop Snowman

psd tuts+ Create a Snowman GIF Animation

WebDesign Draw Your Snowman in Photoshop

mfCreative Snowman Photoshop Tutorial

wikiHow Create a Snowman Using Photoshop


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