On the First Day of Christmas...

"On the first day of Christmas..."

We can generally count on a lot more than a partridge in a pear tree.  The Twelve Days of Christmas begin Dec. 25 and end with Twelfth Night on Jan. 5. The Twelfth Day can precede this or come after depending on which Christian tradition is followed.  It is, however, the time when decorations should come down. Leaving them for later is considered bad luck.

While a few traditions may still remain, many for the Twelve Days of Christmas have been lost in western culture. Now, when one thinks of this it is the musical holiday favourite that tends to spring to mind.  An exercise in memory (Which comes first —  the drummers or the pipers and are there more maids a milking than there are lords a leaping?) it was always fun to sing at our annual school pageants.

Put into pictures, it can be equally entertaining as these illustrations show:

iCLIPART.com 12 Days of Christmas Illustrations

iCLIPART.com 12 Days of Christmas Cartoons

iCLIPART.com 12 Days of Christmas

iCLIPART.com 12 Days of Christmas Cartoons


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