Say Merry Christmas With These Festive Illustrations

No need to spell it out — Christmas is on its way. 

Yesterday we flipped the page on the last month of the traditional 12-month calendar. Shopping malls are filling, with seasonal tunes piping the proper atmosphere throughout. The simple "Hello" has been exchanged for "Merry Christmas". Houses adorned with colourful lights warm the evening darkness while children's smiles are just a little brighter.

This past Saturday while visiting one of my girls I did a turn around the downtown core of the small city in which she lives.  It was a scene that said Christmas loud and clear as snowflakes floated gently down past shop windows adorned with fragrant pine and crimson bows. From the laughter of people in the coffee shop to the passing smiles from stranger to stranger, there was life and joy all around.

So no, there's no need to spell it out that Christmas is on its way. But if you do feel the need these collections of festive illustrations is surely the way to do it. Festive Alphabet Illustrations Gingerbread Alphabet Christmas Alphabet and Numbers


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