Tips to Improve Your Photoshop Skills

A quarter of a century ago, I made a career change to journalism.  It was then a dream come true. Words had always been my strength and being able to work at a job that needed me to use them was ideal. 

The other side of it, however, was that this was a small community newspaper which meant in addition to writing and editing I was also enlisted as a photographer.  Thus, with 35 mm in hand, and very little training,  I took my minimal skills and slightly above average creative ability to garden parties, hockey games and children's events.

I learned to develop film and print pictures and found myself enjoying a new interest. Taking a photo that was less than perfect, cropping it for greater impact, dodging and burning to improve quality was challenging and fun.  Taking the almost unusable and working enough magic to include in that week's edition was extremely satisfying.

And then came digital cameras and Photoshop.  With a quick PS 101 course as we transitioned, I learned the necessary basics. I also learned that I would have sat for hours and played with this new toy given the opportunity. Sadly, deadlines ensured I never got it.

I've promised myself in the four years since leaving the newspaper business, though,  that I would someday improve those skills.  Anyone interested in the same thing will enjoy these links I found enroute to fulfilling that goal:

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