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How to Take Great Rain Pictures

According to The Beatles, when the rain comes people run and hide their heads. If this is indeed the case we won't be seeing much of anyone around here over the course of the next week. The Weather Network has promised us a bunch of precipitation beginning tomorrow and offering little, if any, break until Thursday.  For a sun-loving gal such as myself it's not a pretty forecast.  However,  after a brief glimpse out the window, I have to say this time I'm rather pleased.  Days of April showers are going to not only wash away the detritus of winter, including the remaining banks of snow, but will freshen and brighten the lawns.  It will clean things up for spring to show its true colours.  So ha, ha, Mother Nature. Like my daughter who's always been a rain walker,  I say, bring it on and let it pour. There is,  after all, something quite invigorating about nature during and after a bath. The images are quite lovely.  Crystal droplets glistening on soft petals. River

How About a Little Fantasy in Your World?

"I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide,  I've got a 12-sided die, I've got Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler too Waiting there for me, yes I do, I do. — In the Garage by Weezer Ah, the fantastical world of Dungeons and Dragons and Marvel Comics. Such fun can be found in the imaginative realm of role playing and adventure. While I've never exactly been a fan of the genre,  I do like removing myself from reality on occasion. For me it's generally with a book.  One of the greatest joys of reading I think is that it can transport me to different times and places, making me part of  what others aren't. So, I get the appeal that others have for playing games of fantasy and adventure. There is something fascinating about the notion of entering a place full of mermaids, warriors and fairies, replete with enchantment and gothic darkness.  If these images appeal to you as well, then you should enjoy this fantasy collection of illustrations. Fan

What Creature Are We Celebrating This Month?

So,  it's apparently Frog Month. Now,  you might perhaps sense a lack of enthusiasm in that sentence and you would be more than correct. To be perfectly honest it was all I could do to type it. The thing is, I am phobic about frogs. Well, amphibians of all varieties actually.  At the mere sight of a warted toad or its disgusting, swamp-loving cousin,  my throat closes, my heart accelerates and I am filled with abject terror. Even the deep-throated mating gargle of a slimy bullfrog can send me silly. When did this irrational fear begin, you might ask. I know it wasn't there as a child, when my friends and I gleefully captured the toads that fell into the window wells around our house.  It certainly wasn't there in my early teens when I used to traverse through a stream, stepping on rocks, or frogs, whichever was closest,  to hang out with a group of friends at a tiny island park.  But at some point along the way, I suspect in the very late '60s or early '70s (a

Want to Be a Fashion Photographer?

The indicators may not quite be in place here, but it is actually spring.  And while we still might have snow on the ground and in the sky,  people are eagerly checking out the latest styles and trends to spruce up their wardrobe for the new season.  As such, advertisers and retail merchants are looking for slick and attractive ways to sell their products. Cue the fashion photographer, who has the interesting task of putting people, clothes and venues together in a way that captures imagination and interest.  No matter how nice the fashion, or how beautiful the models, only good photography can sell it. Several years ago, during my two-decade stint in media I was given the task of organizing a photo shoot for a special Christmas edition of the magazine we published.  The day was probably the most fun I ever had on the job. But it was far from easy.  Assembling a team of models, arranging a venue, as well as all of the other organizational tasks and logistics involved, were subjec

Photos of Beautiful Butterflies

It was a little surreal, a little unexpected. Obviously, it can happen because it did, but it certainly caught us a bit by surprise. Overall this past Easter weekend was not what I would have hoped for weather-wise. Temperatures were a little nippy and sunshine minimal. However, with Saturday a bit balmier, my husband and I took a little break in the afternoon to sit and enjoy some of the warming sun, albeit swathed in plenty of layers.  Then suddenly, as we chatted about all the snow still on the ground, and how long spring was taking to get here, a lovely butterfly flitted by. Keep in mind here that at that point neither of us had as yet even seen a robin on the ground. So this little one's sprightly dance  beside us, more fitting to a scorching summer's day,  caught us completely off guard.  Conversation ceased. We watched spellbound as he performed for us until floating off to his next destination.  And after,  it felt that his presence had somehow made the sun just a