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Animation Brings Life to Art

Several years ago, in my previous life as a newspaper editor, we hired a brilliant young art student for the summer to create some unique graphics for us. This was way back in the day when we literally had a 'clipart' book, from which you chose the perfect image, clipped it from the page and 'pasted' it with wax and roller to the ad.  It was a standard industry book, so having artwork that none of the other local papers had was pretty exciting. Things have come a long way since then, and quite swiftly. Now, of course,  newspapers can subscribe to a service online to get the images they need, and design the ads on the same computer on which they download the images, or share them across networks. But what happened to that young art student? He went on to work as an animator for major studios in the United States, including Warner Bros.  Like the newspaper industry,  animation then was growing towards the computer age. At that time, his talents were stilled appl

Picture Perfect Photos of Pretty Roses

"And she was fair as is the rose in May." — Geoffrey Chaucer Oh, to be compared to a rose — elegant and sophisticated, charming and sweet, soft and delicate, yet capable of inflicting pain should you not handle her properly. With literally thousands of varieties, bearing such delightful names as Lavender Lassie and Maiden's Blush, the beautiful rose is one of the most popular perennials for gardens and one of the favourite blooms for bouquets.  Their heady fragrance can be subtly different with each kind. I recall being surprised by one, the aroma of which was almost as buttery soft as its gentle yellow shade — a long way from the cloying 'rose' scent emulated in  those cheap colognes and perfumes. While I've never had much luck growing the tricky rose, mould and bugs my biggest issues, I so appreciate the richness and beauty they add to gardens and landscapes.  Not to mention what they do to my heart when a bouquet of them comes my way. The loveliness

Enjoy the Ride With This Collection of Automobile Illustrations

It's an odd thing, but I find myself currently without transportation during the day.  What makes it odd is that there is never any shortage of cars around our house. My husband is a big car fan — primarily Mopars.  The number one of these in my eyes is a 1967 Coronet, still in winter storage along with a relatively new Charger.  Two older Chryslers that had been used by  my guy for work have passed away and are currently being stripped for parts. Add to this that we are also in the process of preparing my elderly father's car to sell, and you'd have to agree that my driveway is probably quite full. Yet,  despite this, the fact that my car has been assigned duty as my husband's work car meant I actually needed to borrow a friend's vehicle for an appointment last week. And with more of those set for this week, it's little wonder that my mind is on transportation — more specifically automobiles.   I may not have one to drive to get me where I'm going,

Who's Got a Green Thumb?

The green thumb — some are born with it, some acquire it, others will never have it. While I'm not completely hopeless in the garden, I would have to say that I fall into the latter category.  The aesthetics of my flowerbeds and landscape, the health of my plants, the number of my blooms,  is hit and miss. Certainly little of any success in that area has much to do with my abilities. Genetically there was potential for me. Both of my grandmothers cultivated horticultural showpieces. They knew every flower, every shrub and how to place them for constant colour in the growing season.  Each plant was lush with blossoms, healthy and full. But despite how much I loved those gardens as a child,  no matter how much time I spent exploring them, none of the green rubbed off on me. Nor did I inherit my ancestors' abilities.  So I look and enjoy the efforts of others. Just as you can with these collections of lovely garden-related photos: Flower and Garden Photos