Friday, May 31, 2013

Just Relax — and Check Out These Illustrations While You're At It

Today's collection of images is going to be all about what I wish my weekends were — relaxing.

Sure, I work, so everything I can't get done on weekdays I have to accomplish on weekends. But I've always worked.

Sure,  I hate chaos so I put a lot of pressure on myself to restore order after not getting to all the things I wanted to all week long. But this too, is nothing new.

Sure, I enjoy a busy social life and keep the calendar booked with things to do. But I've always loved to party.

I'm not really sure what's happened; I do recall grabbing minutes to myself even as a young mother. But just as you somehow manage to get out the door at the same time in the morning, even if you slept in, I suspect the false notion of extra time now that the kids are out of the house has resulted in me filling every available minute of my days of rest. Whatever the reason I'm on the treadmill and can't figure out how to get off.

So, as I speed through life,  in the words of 60's band, The Association,  "too busy to stop to notice the things that are real", I shall in the meantime, until I figure out where I'm going wrong,  live vicariously through the folks, and critters, in these illustrations. Illustrations of Relaxing Illustrations of People and Animals Relaxing

Acclaim Images Relaxing Illustrations

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rules and Tips for Better Nature and Landscape Photos

Here's a take on a favourite riddle: When is a field not just a field?  The answer? When it's captured through the lens of a great photographer.

With weather warming and the great outdoors beckoning,  photography enthusiasts can easily find their muse in Mother Nature.  The glory of the terrific world in which we live, its diversity of colour and texture, of depth and range, make landscapes and nature a favourite subject for both amateur and professional shutterbugs.

However,  transforming that ordinary field into an extraordinary photo takes a combination of talent, ability and practise. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you get that perfect shot:

photo.tutsplus The Best Way to Learn Landscape Photography

National Geographic Photographing Nature and Landscapes

DPS Surefire Landscape Photography Rules

DPS Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography

DPS Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography

MNN Tips for Taking Better Nature Photos

Nature Photographers Magazine Instruction 101

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To a New Generation of Seniors

Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. The focus is clear — promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle for today's older people.

It's no secret that regular exercise is good for us, regardless of our age.  Proper nutrition, a full social life and feeding the mind also go a long way in helping us enjoy not just a long life, but one of quality.

Yet,  there are no guarantees for beating Father Time, no magic elixir, no fountain of youth.  Ageing is not a pretty picture for many.

Science, information and services have helped improve that picture, however. A lot of today's seniors tend to be in much better shape than in previous generations. My grandparents were already 60 when I was born, and I don't ever recall thinking of them as anything other than old.  While not inactive, their activities were of the tamer variety, such as gardening and cards.

Today, however, we have people like former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétièn, who at the age of 79 decided recently to try kite boarding.  National Post Jean Chrétièn's Excellent Adventure  While it may have made us smile, more hopefully than humorously, it was far from astonishing.  It epitomized the new generation of senior.

From knowing what's best to put on our plate, to staying active, to nurturing body and soul,  many seniors are fighting the good fight — and winning. As so many are wont to say these days, 60 is the new 40 and these great photographs just might be excellent proof of that. Active Seniors Photos Photos of Active Seniors

Acclaim Images Active Seniors Photos

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wonderful Photos of Fathers

It's not quite the 'event' that its feminine counterpart may be, but Father's Day is on the horizon, so it's time to start thinking of exactly what you can do for Dad on June 16.

It's a question that's challenged me for half a century.  The traditional tie never seemed fair; the man wore one on Saturday nights and Sundays because he had to, not because he loved ties.

So coming up with a perfect gift was  tough.  To start with, Dad just always seemed happy with what he had. Unlike Mom he could cared less about clothes,  jewellery or smelly things.  He liked to golf but you can only get so many tees and balls.  No, when I was a young, I remember thinking he'd probably appreciate a day off more than anything, but as the guy who owned the business that seldom happened and sure wasn't something I could arrange.

As I got a bit older I realized, so the old adage advises, the way to Dad's heart is through his stomach.  Ah..  limburger, and oh..  chocolate.  Unwrapping a favourite food still brings a twinkle to his eye, especially now in his 90th year when he knows he shouldn't have any of it and it no longer matters.

The relationship between father and child may not be as clearly defined as that of mother and child, but dads certainly deserve their day. Let's get a head start on celebrating them with these photo collections: Father Photos Photos of Fathers

Acclaim Images Photos of Fathers

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, Monday in the Business World

Well, it's Monday, Monday again. Another work week has rolled around, a reality that seems to occur all too swiftly on the heels of a busy weekend.

Getting back to the job is different for each person. For some it's a return to the factory, early morning starts and mid-afternoon punch outs. Others find themselves taking their place behind a cash register or retail counter, on various shifts at varying times.  Some hit the road, alone in trucks and vans.  Then there are those who enjoy the great outdoors in their place of employment, whether on construction or as a landscaper, but because of optimal summer hours, work long physically-demanding days.

A good number of people, day in and day out, however, spend their hours in a business office. Lawyers, counsellors, accountants, administrators,  clerical staff, bankers, traders, customer service reps... the list of professionals and career people who work at a desk, meet in conference rooms or spend a good portion of a day on a computer is large and diverse.  These photos, perfect for promotional material and advertisements, represent them all — even those of the  superhero ilk: Business Photos Business Photos

Acclaim Images Business Photos