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The World of 3D

Several years ago while my husband and I were shopping for a new television, the clerk tried to convince us we should give the latest technology a try.  So after making a spectacle of ourselves with some snazzy glasses, we settled in front of a 3D TV to see what we thought. Turned out it wasn't so much what I thought as what I felt. Within seconds I started to feel woozy, followed soon after by nausea.  3D was out, LED in. So, two years ago, it was with no small amount of  apprehension that I let my grandson convince me we needed to go see that particular version of The Avengers. Having been duly warned by others who had not fared well with the 3D format on the big screen, I agreed to accompany him with the caveat that we would be sitting near the back of the theatre. Which it would seem was the ticket.  I had a blast. With larger-than-life characters coming at me, and planes seemingly flying over my head,  I was pulled into the world of 3D.  It truly is, as noted on iCLIPART

Photos of Beautiful Butterflies

Seven years, this was a perfect summer day, one decorated by brilliant blue sky and blazing sun.  Humidity was nil and a gentle, warm breeze took the edge off the heat.  Seven years ago, this was a a perfect summer day. Until it wasn't. The memories of July 4, 2006 are as vivid now as then. My husband and I were enjoying what remained of the day with a glass of wine on the deck when the phone rang. With it came the tragic news of the passing of a young friend, and a perfect day had been erased. Having dated our son for more than five years, Sarah was someone we'd come to love and know. She had an infectious laugh, with dimples that charmed. She was an avid photographer, particularly of nature and sunsets. She loved daisies because, she said, they are such happy flowers.  And nothing made her happier than sitting watching the dance of a butterfly in a quiet garden. These are the things that have brought her family comfort in the years since. A photography contest is he

Happy Faces for the Fourth of July

Nothing makes people happier than a party. Tomorrow,  Americans will be celebrating across the country as they take time from work to recognize Independence Day. The fun will come in many forms, from family picnics to late-night fireworks. No matter where a person lives these days, there is some uncertainty, whether it's economic woes, political turmoil or violence.  It makes occasions to celebrate a nation's history, its beauty and accomplishments even more important. And let's face it,  a good time generally helps to put things in perspective and chase away worries and stresses — at least for a while anyway.  You can't help but smile when you're enjoying yourself.  And it always feels good to wear a smile.  So, if it's a smiley face you're looking for this Fourth of July,  you'll love this collection of illustrations, replete with all the red, white and blue you need to mark this historic American event. Fourth of July Collection

Illustrations for the Fourth of July

While Canadians have just returned to work after a lovely long weekend in celebration of Canada Day, their neighbours to the south are thinking ahead to their own party in just a few days.  Independence Day, more familiarly known as the Fourth of July is a federal holiday commemorating independence from Great Britain. Like the July 1 weekend in Canada, the occasion is marked with all the good things that are part of summer festivities — fireworks,  parades, picnics, barbecues, music, reunions and baseball.  In anticipation of all that fun stuff set for Thursday,  here's a great collection of July 4 clipart. Independence Day Illustrations Acclaim Images July 4th Illustrations