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A Little Bit About Vectors

With the availability of safe and affordable online graphics from sources  offering royalty-free, rights-managed and subscription options,  anyone can create unique projects. However, whether you've always been creative or are just unleashing the budding artist within,  there is one image format that allows you more flexibility to play. Vectors files, which include AI, WMF, SVG, EPS and PDF,  are quite versatile provided you have image editing software to work with them. Unlike bitmap images (JPG, PNG, GIF), comprised of pixels,  vectors are based on mathematical equations such as points, lines and curves.  This makes them ideal for larger projects as they maintain the image's crispness and quality when enlarged significantly. Another positive is that unless the vector you choose has been created with a coloured background that is part of the design, it can be saved as a new file with a transparent background (where the file format permits).  JPGs, on the other hand will

Great Photos of Italy

As mentioned in an earlier post, we recently had a special guest visit us for an afternoon — a nice young man from Italy.  Our son, a musician, who has played gigs globally has made a lot of friends in many different places and this fellow was the latest of several he has brought to meet us when they return the visit here. Being not a world traveller myself,  it's a a lovely treat to chat with them. There's nothing better than a first-hand account of another's cultures and homeland.  With Ame, from economics and politics to Italian food and music, we covered the basics.  Through time spent together we confirmed stereotypes — we are nice Canadians, he is a charming Italian who clearly has an eye for the ladies.  We most certainly let him know how beautiful we think the Italian language is. Even an insult sounds melodic. For example when he jokingly said to my son, "Siete un idiota". I actually asked him to repeat it. A few times. He also educated us on the

Wildlife in Photographs

Our son recently hosted a very nice young man from Italy. As it was his first visit to Canada they were trying to hit as many highlights for him as possible. While trying to decide one afternoon what might be an interesting visit, a suggestion was made for the Toronto Zoo. The guest's response? "No thank you. It makes me sad to see animals in captivity." It was very sweet, and understandable. While many animals when removed from the wild have plenty of space in their new homes, as well as comfortable, even longer,  lives, it does seem unfair to confine the beautiful  creatures that typically roam vast, rugged spaces.  They are truly at their most majestic when running free. The problem is, however, that while these animals are an exotic attraction, they can, up close and personal, get nasty. Thus most of us sadly prefer to see them with a barrier between. Not so my nephew and his wife, however. Faced with the reality that their nest is emptying swiftly — one daugh

A Bounty of Beautiful Autumn Photos

With Labour Day behind us and kids all back to school, summer has unofficially reached its end. Waking this morning to the dreariest of days — skies grey, temperatures having taken a drastic turn towards cool —  it did indeed seem appropriate that the children's vacation had ended and they were heading back for another year of learning. Autumn doesn't get to make an official appearance until Sept. 22 at 4:44 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, but there was little doubt stepping outside the door this morning that its arrival is imminent. I even, heaven forbid, noticed a few changing leaves while out driving this past weekend.  For a fan of the warmer seasons such as myself, the outlook for the next several months in the northern hemisphere may seem a bit bleak at times. When it starts to get to me, however, I reach back to my childhood days when fall was as good a season for me as any other — maybe even my favourite. After all, one of the first things that happened following the