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Great Collections of Motorcycle Clipart

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. For the superstitious it's a day of dread, its reputation of bad luck making the wary warier. But there's one group who can't get enough of these dates in a year. In Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, each and every Friday the 13th is a celebration of all things motorcycle.  The streets fill with attendees — on bikes, as vendors and just those curious to see what it's all about. From the official website, the tradition began in 1981 when a group of 25 bike enthusiasts decided to meet at the former Commercial Hotel, now known as Angelos of Dover.  It just so happened to be Friday, Nov. 13, and a tradition was born. Since then the number of people riding into Port Dover on each and every one of these fateful days continues to increase. This year with only two Friday the 13ths occurring — the next is in December — motorcyclists have been waiting through summer to enjoy this annual get-together. In keeping with their enthusiasm we offer a clip

Tips for Autumn Photography

I make no bones about my melancholy in bidding goodbye to summer. I crave sun and warmth, I love the life, the flowers and birds. So as days shorten and darkness begins to fill the bright space around me,  I look towards the coming autumn with mixed feelings. First, of course, there is the mild dread of where autumn leads,  but this is undoubtedly accompanied by awe over the gorgeous beauty of the season.  The feeling that comes with the changing colours may be bittersweet, but I can't deny the incredible vibrancy they bring to nature's palette.  Autumn is a photographer's delight. Yet, while the amazing blend of hues and tones almost always ensures some great results when taking photos, one might ask if there is a way to make them even better.  If you're interested in finding out, these sites offer great advice on autumn photography: PhotoJojo Fantastic Fall Photo Tips Digital Photography School Capture Fall Colours Photography Blog How to Take Great Autumn

Great Sites With Tips for Photographing Butterflies

They flit,  they flutter, they fly. They make it darn difficult to get a picture of them.  To my mind there is probably no creature on this earth so photogenic as the butterfly.  Their bold markings, their grace, their usually colourful landing strips combine for the perfect photo op. The only problem is to try and keep them still long enough to get the shot. I actually achieved it several years ago during a late summer visit to a  lakeshore cottage. Though, to be honest,  I'm not sure I really had that much to do with it. Sitting on the beach near some Scotch thistles,  I noticed a Monarch butterfly dancing around me.  Now,  a few months earlier a friend's daughter had passed away tragically and  the grieving family had found representation in these beautiful insects and comfort in their presence.  I was therefore so enchanted by my little guest that it took some time before I saw she wasn't alone.  At least half a dozen of her friends were playfully skipping from

Photos Celebrating Agriculture and Harvest

It's a good time to celebrate agriculture.  The harvest will soon begin,  kids are happily anticipating the return of the fall fair to their communities and the Canadian Thanksgiving is just a flip of a calendar page away.  Produce is plentiful at local farmers markets and homemakers are busily blanching and freezing, preserving and canning all of that delicious home-grown freshness. Living the country life in a small town, the significance of farming is never lost on me. Fields of crops surround me and on the right day I can hear cattle lowing. It's a picturesque and productive world with only the distinct aroma of pig manure upsetting perfection. Living the country life in a small town, I'm educated on the challenges facing agricultural producers. I am sympathetic to their worries over the whims of the weather. I am familiar with the expressions, some closer to folklore than fact (Corn must be knee high by the fourth of July). I know that the biggest day in town eac

A Collection of Illustrations for Grandparents Day

 "Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild." — Welsh Proverb My husband and I found out recently that the number of grandchildren we have is about to increase. It was happy news as we had experienced a bit of a drought for 13 years before our daughter blessed us with a new granddaughter a year ago. Now the promise of more is pretty exciting and the joy of being a grandparent fills me. However, as Sept. 8  was National Grandparents Day, the memories of once having grandparents is also present. By the time I was 15 I had lost three of mine.  My maternal grandmother passed away just seven years later.  It was barely time to get to know them, yet they continue to hold a special place in my heart all these decades later. Even though I know I'm the same way,  it's rather amusing now to watch my peers turning into sentimental saps with the arrival of grandbabies.  At a birthday celebration this summer, we old friends sat and talked of little el