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Images of Count Dracula

There may not be a more enigmatic literary character in the horror genre than this sinister chap with royal blood, who just happens to have a thirst for the blood of others. Dracula was Irish author Bram Stoker's Gothic take on vampires.  There are suggestions that he was based on Transylvania's Vlad III Dracula of Wallachia.  Some scholars, however, claim that Stoker was not familiar with "The Impaler", as Vlad III was known, except for the name Dracula. However he came into being Stoker's Dracula is a charismatic devil, oozing charm and villainy in equal portion. His story is full of elements from mystery to romance, from horror to seduction.  He has the power to simultaneously entrance and terrify. Despite the obvious horror his presence evokes there is an element of romance to the story — a man who  lures his innocent victims then dispatches them by attacking one of the most vulnerable places on the human body— up close and personal. With the popularit

The Wonderful World of Witches

It wouldn't be Halloween without a witch or two. So today's clipart collections, which you can find at the end of this post, will feature illustrations of these charismatic sorcerers.  You will see that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and moods. Some are stereotypical, but some are sweet, some comical some even sort of sexy. From the time I donned a black pointed hat and flowing gown for the first Halloween I remember, I've had a bit of a fascination with the notion of wicca and its practitoners.  The idea of conjuring spells and mixing brews for multi-purposes is kind of cool. Provided, of course, that the intended purpose is nothing but altruistic.  A granddaughter introduced me to the '90s television series Charmed where three good witches, united in sisterhood, fought evil.  No broomsticks, no warts on noses, no sinister cackles from this trio. Just powerful, beautiful women using their unique talents and gifts to make the world better. Now that's

Ghostly Illustrations for Halloween

What do you think of when you think about Halloween?  In the world of illustrations it's really the perfect holiday because there are so many images that spring to mind.  From black cats and bats, to Dracula and Frankenstein, to tombstones and haunted houses, to scarecrows and pumpkin patches, there's a colourful profusion of the spooky and mythical at this time of year. Sandwiched between the Canadian and American Thanksgivings, Halloween is a celebration that kids can sink their teeth into — literally. We wait for trick-or-treaters in costumes ranging from adorable to ghoulish to come calling, then dole out sweets for the sweets' goody bags.  There are pink-cheeked witches and diminutive Ironmen, goblins and ghouls, princesses and fairies.  The list is endless. With the countdown to Oct. 31 underway, I thought it might be fun to feature collections of some of these images of Halloween.  To get things started, here are some awesome ghostly illustrations: iCLIPART.c

Do You See the Beauty in Winter?

We have enjoyed a beyond beautiful autumn this year in south-western Ontario, Canada. Folks below the border may think of us as a land of ice and snow but we really do experience a variety of weather — from the ups and downs of spring, to the hottest of days of summer to our dang chilly winter.  While the fall months can generally be a mix of almost all of that, this October has been replete with warm temperatures and sunshine besides the usual glorious foliage. But then we got to this morning — damp, dismal and cool. Well, actually rather cold. I even heard someone speak the 's' word.  I wish I could recapture the wonder of childhood when I hear the word snow. The simple delight I found in catching snowflakes on my tongue, making snow angels, building forts from which to launch snowballs at 'enemies' was childhood at its best. I can still feel the sense of carefree joy; it's rekindling it as an adult where I run into problems. See, the problem with snow whe

Illustrations of People and Computers

I like to think of myself as a fairly calm person. My fuse is of adequate length, my temperament fairly even.  I can generally ride along on the wave that's carrying me without much upset or distress. When the current gets moving a little too swiftly or starts rocking the boat I can usually find a way to calm things down. All of this, however, is on one condition — the environment I'm sailing through must be tidy. If  you want to send me into a tailspin just clutter up my world and I will be tossing about in chaos.  Nothing will set me on edge more than a desk full of papers or countertop loaded with unstacked dishes. Clothes on the floor, coats hanging on chairs, newspaper on the coffee table will most assuredly turn things ugly. My need for all things neat and tidy extends even to my computer screen.  Nothing stays on the desktop longer than necessary, being quickly filed as soon as easy access is no longer required.  I need no special day to let me know it's time