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Cool Winter Landscape Photography Tips

We're experiencing a wee bit of a cold snap here in picturesque south-western Ontario, Canada. Temperatures are ranging in the -23°C range with a wind chill dropping that even further. The Weather Network has issued a warning saying that the combination of winds and Arctic air could have temperatures ranging from -30° to -40°  in some places. Needless to say, it made for a rather nippy walk to work this morning.  Born and raised here I know how to dress when it's cold outside, but despite my best efforts this morning, by the time I arrived at my workplace a mere six blocks from home, I could feel a stinging bite in my fingertips and toes. Yet, while the frigidity had me triple timing my pace,  I was also quite aware of the crisp, clean beauty on this winter walk.  I might not be a lover of the cold and ice, but there is no disputing what a pretty picture it can make. Sunlight-kissed snow sparkled like fairy dust between the shadows.  Steam from vents and smoke from chimne

Photos Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

I've never had much truck with resolutions. While perhaps in youth I was idealistic enough to believe that a new year could inspire me to break a long-practised bad habit or attitude, with age has come wisdom and the knowledge that you really have to want to make the change, not simply know you should.  Over a couple of decades or so I learned that by setting what was often a hopeless goal I was also setting myself up to fail.  As that could happen often enough without me providing an easy opportunity,  I did, therefore, give up pronouncing any intent for change on Jan. 1.  However, looking back this year at the way I've been eating, the notion that some lifestyle changes are in order hasn't been lost on me. Starting them now after all the eats and drinks of the holiday season, seems as good a time as any.   This time I have no worries about failing though. It's simply not feasible because any improvement over the way I've been eating the past few weeks is g