Friday, January 3, 2014

Cool Winter Landscape Photography Tips

We're experiencing a wee bit of a cold snap here in picturesque south-western Ontario, Canada. Temperatures are ranging in the -23°C range with a wind chill dropping that even further. The Weather Network has issued a warning saying that the combination of winds and Arctic air could have temperatures ranging from -30° to -40°  in some places.

Needless to say, it made for a rather nippy walk to work this morning.  Born and raised here I know how to dress when it's cold outside, but despite my best efforts this morning, by the time I arrived at my workplace a mere six blocks from home, I could feel a stinging bite in my fingertips and toes.

Yet, while the frigidity had me triple timing my pace,  I was also quite aware of the crisp, clean beauty on this winter walk.  I might not be a lover of the cold and ice, but there is no disputing what a pretty picture it can make. Sunlight-kissed snow sparkled like fairy dust between the shadows.  Steam from vents and smoke from chimneys wafted like a summer mist through the air.  Pretty painted patterns of frost glistened on windows.

It really made me wish I had my camera. 

If you enjoy what you're seeing outside your window these days, here are some excellent tips to ensure your winter landscape photos are the coolest ever:

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