Create Valentine's Cards in Photoshop

I'm all about getting personal. At least when it comes to the gifts I give. Unfortunately, any creativity I have is exclusive to short story fiction. Words rolling forth from my imagination I rarely have any trouble with.  While I wish the same could be said for artistic ability the spirit is willing but the know-how is seriously lacking.

In all honesty,  I've never really exercised my creative side beyond the scope of literature. Over the years I've said I'd like to try a number of things, from painting to pottery, but never actually followed through for one reason or another.

I'll never know I guess if there's a Dali waiting for the opportunity to burst from my fingertips or if I'm the next Josiah Wedgwood. These will quite likely forever remain mysteries now.

However, where I can experiment a little with any artistic talent I might possess, is in the realm of online images and/or image editing software, as well as the projects I could make with them.  Take for example Valentine's Day.  There's nothing more romantic than creating a card with your own personal message.  With a little pluck you can open yourself up to possibilities while letting your imagination go.

If you're ready to give it a try, here are some fabulous tutorials for creating your own cards, just in time for Valentine's Day:

Create Valentine Cards in Photoshop

Valentine's Cards from Scratch

Create Simple Valentine's Day eCard

Create a Valentine's Day Card With Shining Heart in Photoshop

Make Your Own Valentine Card

Make a Greeting Card With Abstract Heart


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