Finish Your Project With a Flourish

Sometimes, you just need that little extra something.  It's the cherry on the top of your sundae, the dollop of whipped cream in the hot chocolate, the extra old cheese in the omelette that can make the treat complete.

Sad, I suppose, that my spontaneous examples were all about food,  because really, this does apply to so many different things in life. Putting that little extra into your studying, into any task you're doing only makes it better. 

Creatively, too,  it can be one small facet that takes your work to the next level — that final little tweak to the painting when you stand back for a second look, that slight change to the final chapter of a book, that change to the key of a song.

In the graphics world, swirls and flourishes, such as the examples here, enhance projects of all varieties, from digital scrapbooking to advertising. They can be just that little extra something you're looking for. Swirls and Flourishes Swirls and Flourishes


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