Tips for Taking Beautiful Pregnancy Photos

It's been 31 years since my last pregnancy, but last night I attended a pre-natal class. In the absence of her working husband, my expectant daughter asked me to accompany her.  Despite my certainty there was little I could learn after having four babies of my own, there was also no doubt that I'd say anything but yes to her request.

What an honour and treat it was for me. Sitting in a room full of flourishing estrogen, and a modicum of testosterone, discussing one of life's most amazing events was more uplifting than a tropical sun in winter.

Looking around me at the beautiful women,  I was reminded of blessed I feel to have been in their position once upon a time. Sure pregnancy comes with a lot of negatives — swollen feet, discomfort, sleeplessness, mood swings and ultimately quite the pain — but it's an amazing experience. One that men can never truly understand.  The nurse leading the class referred to labour as pain with purpose. The female body is designed for childbirth, capable of dealing with it and strong enough to handle it. Talk about feeling empowered. 

From the first sign of a blossoming belly and fluttering kicks moms fall in love with the most beautiful thing they have never yet seen.  Feeling my daughter's Little Bean kick for the first time last night gave me some idea of what it's like for dads. While there's still a sense of wonder it doesn't compare to carrying that young life around for nine months.

Capturing this awesome time in pictures is something many couples are keen to do.  But the right mood and quality are essential. Here are some tips to ensure your photographs depict this amazing experience with all of the taste and beauty it warrants:

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