Must Have Lenses for Wedding Photography

A young couple we are acquainted with recently returned from their wedding week in Mexico. While the invitation was open to anyone who knew them and was willing to make the trip, it sadly wasn't practical for my husband and me. Regardless of how nice it would have been to enjoy some sunshine, time wasn't on our side.

No, instead, we  celebrate vicariously with them since their return, enjoying candid photos taken by attendees, as well as the wedding album the couple has posted on Facebook.  All, professional or otherwise, convey the essence of the event — idealistic joy.

There are never as many smiling faces anywhere as you will see in wedding pictures. Thankfully, long gone are the stiff formal poses of yesteryear, with bridal parties lined up in order before the altar, smiles as glued in place as the hairstyles.  Today's photographers are finding innovative ways to set up shots that are playful, yet, perfect for the mood.

Spontaneous photos are also popular. There is, after all, nothing more beautiful than a joyful face caught unaware.

Yet, while finding ways to preserve the happy couple's big day for the future is essential, the right lens can make it all come to life. Here are some suggestions:

SLR Lounge 6 Must Have Lenses for Wedding Photography

DPS Choosing a Lens for Wedding Photography


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