Photos of People Listening to Music

When all else fails, when even a bit of sunlight can't brighten my day, I can always count on music.  Settling in before the computer, answering emails and following up on social media as the work day begins all feels a bit awkward and scattered until I tuck in the earbuds, hear the rhythm and find my groove. As if it seeps into my very core, I become more alert, more energetic.

My taste in music is rather eclectic with an aversion only to Rush and most country. I can even tolerate techno and hip-hop in moderation if the time and place suit.  There are genres to fit my moods and the work I'm doing.  Dusting, I claimed, was always a Streisand job,  while only good classic rock could inspire me when I needed to get really down and dirty with the spring cleaning.

I love jazz on a gentle summer day on the deck with a good book and a glass of wine, while beer and barbecue tends to have me running straight back to the 60s.  Classical is perfect for meals and quiet winter afternoons; blues for relaxed evenings hanging out at home with my hubby.

For that guy, who loves his music perhaps even more than I,  the perfect day is laying back with headphones on and cranking up the volume. When I see him there I never doubt that his day has gotten just a bit brighter.

Music doesn't just soothe a savage breast, to paraphrase William Congreve, it's good for the soul too. Just look at the expressions on these faces if you don't believe me: People Listening to Music


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