Photos of People Relaxing

Last weekend I tried something unusual. I actually found, and more importantly took, a few hours to do nothing but relax.

It was Sunday. Waking later in the day after getting to my bed in the wee small hours of the morning, I now figured I was faced with the usual weekend catchup of household chores and obligations with fewer hours to accomplish them. But a quick rundown of what needed to be done,  left me pleasantly surprised. It seemed that after spending Saturday in ultra-efficient mode, I was left with little but laundry, food preparation and dishes. Perhaps, I began to dream, this just might be possible.

A glimpse at hubby, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper,  confirmed the decision had been made for him. It was most definitely going to be a Me Day.

It was divine. Neither of us can recall the last time, if ever, that we did something like this. Between baskets of dirty clothes and some dishes, we did nothing but read, watch movies and pig out on snacks and wine. This was fun and games in worn-out, working-people fashion.

I'm not expecting the opportunity to repeat any time soon, especially not this weekend when we are to be blessed with the company of Little Missy.  Highly anticipated for sure, but there's no doubt this is going to be a different kind of fun and games. After chasing our gorgeous 17-month-old granddaughter for two days I will be needing some me time again very soon.  Now that I've had the practice I'm pretty sure I know how it's done. For those who don't, however, these photos provide some suggestions: People Relaxing


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