Sending Sunshine Your Way

Short days, long nights make many people less than happy. We know the negative issues of too much sun exposure. However, it's also  a reality that too little is  a serious health concern for many people causing not just physical, but emotional and mental problems as well.

Speaking with a woman in Arizona recently I was surprised to hear her say she hated the warmth and sunshine and would love to live somewhere cold and grey. I'm fairly confident in my assumption that she is most definitely in the minority. Even folks who live to hit the slopes or ride the trails every winter,  prefer to do it in the sunshine. And while I personally spend most of winter hiding from it, I do feel the spirits lift when the deep freeze is brightened by a day of brilliant sun.

Northern climate habitu├ęs flock in droves to southern locales in the blah months of January, February and March to feel the heat and forget the cold. Days of fun in the sun warm their bodies and souls while Snowbelt folks are frozen in place,  praying for a glimpse of a sun that is brutally short on heat.  It is for all of those who depend on the cheerfulness of the sun during the winter then that we send this image collection of pure sunshine your way: Sunshine Illustrations


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