Tips for Engagement Portrait Photography

The time for this season's weddings to begin is still months ahead.  The time for preparation is most definitely now.

Having gone through weddings for four children I remember well what the first part of the nuptials year meant. Booking, appeasing, planning were constant facets of the pre-wedding action. In between there were the extra social events, such as stags, showers and buck and does.

One of the earliest things to get out of the way, however, is the official engagement photo session.  Like so many other examples of photography these days, this too has gone far beyond the formal studio poses more familiar to a generation ago. Given the casual air of present society. where jeans will take you just about anywhere, betrothed couples shun the ties and suits, the pantyhose and dresses, for relaxed, natural comfort.

For some, the engagement reaches far beyond the two of them. Children from previous marriages might be included, as well as much-loved pets.

And rarely do they opt for studio shots when there is no better backdrop for anything than the one created by Mother Nature — anywhere, any season.

Getting the best from, and for, the couple that day is almost as important for these shots as they are for the wedding pictures. Finding a photographer who understands what you want and can deliver it in beautiful photographs to last a lifetime is the goal of the bride and groom. The goal of the person they hire is to achieve it. Here are important tips to help:

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