Tips for Posing Newborns

A recent 'Tweet' that came my way demonstrated how to pose newborns for charming photographs.  The first thing I noticed really was no surprise to me. It's not easy. 

However, given the anticipated arrival this spring of no less than three new additions to our family, my interest was piqued.  A bit of a shutterbug myself, particularly when it comes to snapping pictures of my loved ones, it would certainly be nice if I could do justice to the beauty of these precious little ones we will soon be welcoming. I know there's a big difference between how I photograph a newborn and how the best do it. 

But there's always room for improvement.

Having seen the professional results of the photographer who snapped our granddaughter a couple of years ago,  I decided to do a little research and get myself educated before our next big events make their debuts. Here are just a few of the informative sites I discovered with tips on posing newborns. One common theme throughout is that while taking a cutesy picture of your little one might be the goal, safety needs to be the first consideration.

Tips for Posing Newborn Babies

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