Vintage Valentines to Say Be Mine

It's funny what we'll remember from our yesteryears, how images from our earliest days will stick, while we have to be reminded by someone about a discussion that took place a couple of years before.

This applies to school as well.  I really find it quite fascinating the pictures in my school treasures memory album that are as vivid as if they were happening that moment.  There was the classmate, whose colouring of maps in geography class were works of art, ones that try as I might (and I did ad nauseum) I could never emulate. I also see quite clearly those colourful dot formations that taught us numbers and counting, the pictures of Dick and Jane seeing Spot run,  and tiny tots rolling out our blankets for kindergarten nap time.

Another memorable image is a classroom of little ones creating our special Valentine's Day boxes. This was among the early realizations I had of my inadequate artistic talents. Putting my best effort in, then looking around at the works of others was an early lesson in humility. They served the purpose, however, holding the bounty of cute messages from my peers.

It was nice in the primary grades when children were encouraged to give a Valentine to everyone in the class so no one felt shunned by one or another. So, opening the envelopes to expose  our greetings  demanded lots of time out of our regular school routine.

And those cards were adorable, decorated with cute little pictures, accompanied by pun-laden messages. So sweet in fact that I've decided to go back in time and point you towards some vintage clipart collections, great options for children and adults: Vintage Valentine Collection Vintage Valetntine Clipart


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