A Few Favourites from iCLIPART.com

The reasons to use images in a project are many and varied.  On the professional side of things you have people in the design, media and printing industries who all need illustrations and photos for diverse purposes.

When you think about it, every day your hands  probably touch or your eyes probably see something created by a professional using images purchased from an online resource.  A letterhead,  a website, a magazine ad — the list is endless.

But, it's not just business demanding the content. Lovely backgrounds and gorgeous swirls or flourishes are wonderful additions for moms working on scrapbooks.  Brides looking for unique and economical wedding stationery can find designs that make creative design easy. There are colouring pages to keep tiny artists busy, and animations to enhance personal emails.  Budding writers can find the perfect image for their first novel at a much lower cost than hiring an illustrator.

Me..  ? Well, I'm a bit of a strange mix when it comes to how I use images — a relative novice who likes to play with them in personal projects, but incorporates them into blogs, etc. for work.  When it comes to picking them, my needs, therefore, are as varied as the many ways they can be used. Thought it might be fun to share just a few of my favourites from iCLIPART.com :

A Collection of My Faves


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