How to Take Better Vacation Pictures

There are no warm fuzzy feelings brought on by the view out the large picture window at work. Moments to daydream don't take me out to the land of ice and snow I see before me, but to faraway places where sun soothes achy muscles and stiff joints.  My mind fills with images of white sands, blue waters, swaying palms and swinging hammocks.

If you're Canadian and it's February, there's really only one place to be — south. People in our little village are flocking south of the border, and beyond,  to chill out far away from the monotonous deep freeze of our winter.  To romantic resorts and tropical climates they flee to soak up sun and restore  depleted stores of Vitamin D.  They return looking refreshed — a condition that fades about as quickly as the acquired tan in this bleak climate.

Unless you're a Snowbird, able to spend the entire season in warmer places, feeling the afterglow of a much needed break can be short lived once your home to the reality of winter.  Thank goodness for those pictures you snapped that let you relive your moments.  You want to make sure then, no matter where you're sojourning, that the photographs you take have the power to pull you back. Here are some links to sites with helpful tips on getting the best vacation photos:

Photography Talk Taking Great Vacation Photos

wikiHow Take Better Travel Photographs

10 Tips for Great Vacation Photos Take Better Vacation Pictures


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