How to Take Great Birthday Photos

Yesterday we celebrated my father's 90th birthday. Now, when my Dad could dance and party he was a social man.

However, since moving into a nursing home and, as one would expect at his age, not exactly in top waltz form, he has come to prefer solitude over large gatherings. For this reason, his huge milestone was marked by a small gathering consisting of my two siblings, our spouses and two elderly aunts.

This was apparently chaos enough for him as both he and Mom seemed ready a few hours later for a nap.  But before that our family enjoyed a special time together that we can look back on in years to come as one of life's blessings. Photographs help keep those memories alive of course, but for this amateur shutterbug it was a challenge to come up with some interesting shots. The limited number of attendees and lack of activity seemed to stifle my creativity.  Beyond the candles on the cake, and a few random pictures, the photographic tally for the day was significantly lower than what is typical for me.

Even playing back the day on my way home I was unable to think of any other images I could have captured. As I know I won't be the only one faced with this I decided to do a little searching and see if I could find some tips to help me, so I'm ready when the 100th birthday arrives.

Perhaps not surprisingly there were very few results dedicated to taking better photos of adult birthdays. The majority were for children but I found that most points could be adapted to suit my purpose. Here, then, are just a few of the useful sites I discovered:

Great Birthday Party Photos

Unique Ideas for Birthday Photos

How to Photograph a Child's Birthday Party

Birthday Photography Tips

Taking Birthday Photos


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