Images of Spring

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, a rather strange tradition that has us waiting eagerly for a rodent's prediction of spring's arrival. If the animal comes out of its burrow and sees its shadow we will have six more weeks of winter. If not, it's an early spring.

While there are various examples of this fellow worldwide, where I live the critter to watch is Wiarton Willie.  Sunday, he apparently, found that one little minute of sunlight in which to make his appearance and predict for us no early end to this miserable season of cold and ice.

I had dreamed of an early spring,  images to chase away the cruel bite of winter, to thaw the snow and my perpetually aching bones. Snowdrops peaking through a thinning cover of flakes. The first robin skipping across a patchwork of grass and snow. A butterfly flitting by me.  Painted Easter eggs, baby chicks and fluffy bunnies, budding trees,  cherry blossoms — these are the pictures to warm us. No matter what Willie says, spring is close enough to give us hope.

Here are some clipart collections to turn your thoughts away from weary winter to stimulating spring: Spring Illustrations

Acclaim Images Spring Illustrations

ClipartGuide Spring

ClickArt Online Spring Illustrations

TOONClipart Spring Cartoons


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