Positively Animated About Spring

Old Man Winter might just as well face the facts — his days are numbered. Despite yesterday's snowsqualls and today's deeply frigid temperatures, the calendar pages continue to flip as spring moves ever closer. 

With bright, warming sunshine giving icicles a run for their money this morning, I have definitely moved into my happy place.

Yet, in this day when time seems to move so quickly, I try not to wish away these final days.  Once winter passes every other season will move on too, so I love to enjoy the anticipation of nature's rebirth. It is enough for me right now to know that in a few short weeks, the snow and ice will no longer have a chance, that the sun is moving ever closer to us, that our days will fill with more hours of light, that the flowers will bloom and the robins will sing.

To say that I am excited is an understatement. Why, I'm positively animated. Which is the perfect segue into announcing a featured collection for this final Friday of February — some delightful spring-themed animations:

Animation Factory Spring


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