Valentine Craft Ideas Using Clipart

Card companies love Valentine's Day.  Stores display a bevy of loving messages, sentimental, romantic or humorous,  ensuring there is a right one for the persona who holds a special place in your heart.

While you might think that conveying your feelings of amour for a life partner should be polished and professional in style,  it can often be the tiny touches that mean the most.

And for parents taking advantage of Feb. 14 to reiterate their devotion to their children, there are often better options than traditional cards. Likewise, kids enjoy projects, and considering their often limited budget,  making a gift for Mom and Dad is most assuredly the way to go.

I remember sitting in my elementary class, cutting and pasting the shapes I wanted to use on my special craft. These days, however, online images offer a variety of beautiful content to help even youngsters achieve a polished look.  With that resource the next thought is a unique idea on which to use them.

In conducting a search for ideas I came up with a number of possibilities.

1. Create a banner with a special message using some lovely alphabet collections such as these:

Heart Alphabet

Floral Alphabet
Flower Alphabet

Choose what you like, print them on sheets of paper, then attach them to enough string or ribbon to hang them in a suitable place.

2. Fill some small clear packets with potpourri, soap, bath salts or candies. Select a nice image, perhaps something like Teddy Bear Valentine to print on a tag which can then be used to seal the package.

3. For the book lover, here are step-by-step instructions from Martha Stewart's website to create a bookmark using clipart: Martha Stewart's Valentine's Day Bookmark .

4. Mugs are the perfect starting item to create a special one-of-a-kind gift. Purchase a plain dollar store mug, print letters or select a font or image from a site such as iCLIPART.comAcclaim Images or  and glue them to the mug. This website explains how: How to Print on Mugs. Finally, fill the mug with candy hearts or kisses.


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