What's Your Idea of Romance?

Three more days until Valentine's Day. There is probably no other 'holiday' that so polarizes society than the one intended to honour two souls coming together. On the one side you have the people who participate to the mushiest extent, with accolades of adoration or over-the-top gifts.

Then you have the other side, the people who see it as commercial bait, set out by florists and card companies to make a buck or two in the slow winter season.  Romanticism, they argue, isn't something to be delivered on one specific day, but rather a continued practice.

I guess my argument with that is that sometimes, even for the most romantic of couples, life can hit the skids. There are unique stresses putting extra pressure on all relationships these days and it's easy to take each other for granted. Personally, I don't need the grand gesture; expensive jewellery is appreciated, but not required. But the way I see it, a reminder, a day set aside specifically to appreciate a loved one, can't be a bad thing.

As for what I expect, I reiterate that it's not much I need from my honey. Sure I'd take a card. I'd take a diamond or two. I'd take a bouquet of long-stemmed roses, one for each year we've been together. But I'm also happy if he puts down his crossword puzzle and shares a little quiet conversation with me over a bottle of wine. Or snuggles up with me on the couch and watches a chick flick. If he cares to step up his game, I wouldn't say no to a nice dinner out, not fancy, just charming. 

Being romantic should be a constant, but if you can't manage that doesn't it make sense to give it a try at least once a year? Maybe these great photos can provide a little inspiration for you:

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